Our Partners:
System Integrators (SIs) in Oracle PartnerNetwork provide customers consulting, integration, and implementation services for Oracle-based products and solutions. Oracle’s SI partners—both the larger consulting companies as well as smaller, specialized firms—bring business process capabilities, industry experience, and solution and market expertise that can help you deploy Oracle-based solutions, maximize functionality, and rapidly achieve return on investment.
SQL Integrator
SQL Integrator is specialized in Oracle-based products and services such as development, management and Oracle Applications. The company’s 70 employees operate worldwide from offices in The Netherlands, the United States, Brazil and Curaçao (The Netherlands Antilles).
Additional information:
Altasen Services B.V
Altasen Services B.V. is the continuation of Sentus, which was founded in 2002. Sentus from the beginning was focused on services for customers with Oracle-software. Because of the ongoing growth of Sentus it is proceeded in Altasen Services B.V. in 2004.
Additional information
Wātea! was created as an initiative of a group of Senior (ex- Oracle) Consultants.
After participating in relevant projects in the Latin American region during more than a decade, they decided to found their own Consulting Company.
Nowadays, companies based in the three Americas trust the performance
of their business systems to Watea!. In only a 3-year period, our company has positioned itself as an efficient and
responsible vendor in the Consulting area.ICT-OKE BV and Wātea! are partners for Oracle development projects in Europe since 2010.


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